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About Students

UC San Diego undergraduate students in class

Total Students

36,624 Total student population (Fall 2017)

Undergraduate Students

97,670 Freshman applicants (Fall 2017) Read more
4.13 Admitted freshman average GPA Read more
17,745 Transfer applicants (Fall 2017) Read more
3.59 Admitted transfer average GPA Read more
91% Come from California Community College
28,587 Total number of undergraduate students (Fall 2017)

Graduate and Professional Students

UC San Diego graduate students doing research
8,037 Total graduate and professional students
3,269 Doctoral students
3,064 Masters students
852 Clinical residents
753 MD and pharmacy students

Degrees Conferred 2017

UC San Diego students at graduation
7,223 Bachelor’s degrees
1,593 Masters degrees
539 Ph.D.
235 Candidate in Philosophy
129 M.D.
61 Pharmacy

About Faculty

UC San Diego faculty members

UC San Diego faculty members are sought-after experts in their fields, always pushing new frontiers. As teachers, they engage the next generation in hands-on learning, offering mentorship and insights to students. As scholars, they challenge preconceptions, tackle inequality and lead the way to new insights. In recognition, UC San Diego faculty have garnered some of the top awards in the nation, from the Nobel Prize to McArthur “Genius” grants and Academy Award.

By the Numbers
2,535 Total number of faculty
1,317 Number of ladder-rank faculty
1,029 Clinical/in-residence faculty
189 Lecturers
971 Postdoctoral scholars
1,228 Student teachers and research assistants

Current Faculty Awards

UC San Diego faculty receiving awards
201 Memberships held by current and emeriti faculty in National Academy of Sciences (73), National Academy of Engineering (84) and National Academy of Medicine (44).
16 Number of Nobel Laureates who have taught on campus.
National Medal of Science Margaret Burbidge, astrophysics (1983); Walter Munk, geophysics (1983); Craig Venter, pharmacology (2009); Marye Anne Fox, chemistry (2010); and Shu Chien, bioengineering (2011).
Breakthrough Prize Dr. Napoleone Ferrara (2012); Don Cleveland (2017); James McKernan (2017); Joanne Chory (2017)
Fields Medal Michael Freedman, mathematics (1986); and Efim Zelmanov, mathematics (1994).
Kyoto Prize Walter Munk, geophysics (1999).
Tony Award Judith Dolan, theatre and dance (1997).
John von Neumann Theory Prize in Mathematics Ruth Williams (2016).
MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship Edwin Hutchins, cognitive science (1985); Nancy D. Cartwright, philosophy (1993); Kun-Liang Guan, pharmacology (1998); Guillermo Algaze, anthropology (2003); and Carol Padden, communication (2010).
Pulitzer Prize Roger Reynolds, music (1989); and Rae Armantrout, poetry (2010).
Presidential Medal of Freedom Mario Molina (2013).
Grammy Award Kamau Kenyatta (2014).
Wolf Prize George Feher, chemistry (2007).
Academy Award Henrik Wann Jensen, computer science and engineering (2004).
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About Staff

UC San Diego staff appreciation
#1 UC San Diego is the top employer based in San Diego County.
34,448 Total number of full and part-time academic and staff employees at UC San Diego (as of April 2018). Learn more

About Alumni

UC San Diego alumni at event
By the Numbers
185,000 UC San Diego alumni worldwide
67.7% Live in California
26% Live in San Diego County
Notable Alumni
J. Craig Venter
J. Craig Venter
National Medal of Science honoree and one of the first to sequence the human genome.
Nathan East
Nathan East
One of the most recorded bassists in history.
Kate Rubins
Kate Rubins
NASA astronaut and the first scientist to sequence DNA in space.
Wong Fu Productions
Wong Fu Productions
Asian American filmmaking group.
Nick Woodman
Nick Woodman
Founder and CEO of GoPro.
DJ Patil
DJ Patil
First chief data scientist for the White House.
Kim Stanley Robinson
Kim Stanley Robinson
American science fiction writer.
Milana Vayntrub
Milana Vayntrub
Actress, writer, producer and humanitarian.
Mike Judge
Mike Judge
Television and film writer and director.
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