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They say good things happen in threes. Using one of UC San Diego’s most iconic symbols, King Triton’s trident, we’ve created a versatile graphic that can be used optionally as a pattern, or as a three-pronged photo treatment.

UC San Diego Triton Statue UC San Diego Trident Graphic


The Trident may be cropped in any way, as long as all three stripes are visible.

UC San Diego Trident misuse
UC San Diego Trident use


Inspired by the underside of the landmark Geisel Library, our line art graphics can be patterned or magnified to create the desired effect. These graphics are intended as subtle background patterns, not to be used as logo art. For help applying, contact Creative Services and Publications at ucpa-brand@ucsd.edu.

UC San Diego Library
UC San Diego Library graphic


The library graphic, either line art or solid, should never be used as a logo. It is used as a complementary element, and should not overpower any message or photograph. Suggested treatments are shown below.

UC San Diego Library graphic magnified

Magnified Solid

We suggest using a magnified solid graphic for the humanistic departments and ventures: literature, theatre, sociology, sports and campus life photography, etc.

Creative • Active • Friendly • Bold

UC San Diego Library graphic magnified

Magnified Line Art

We suggest using the magnified line art graphic for the more left-brained units: science, math, engineering, health and clinics, etc.

Technological • Structured • Formal • Sophisticated

UC San Diego Library patterned graphic magnified
UC San Diego Library line patterned graphic magnified

Patterned Solid and Line art

A patterned treatment works well for high tech subjects and can also be used in formal applications.

Technological • Formal • Sophisticated

Library Graphic Suggested Treatments


Use only a portion of the line art and magnify.

UC San Diego graphics usage


The graphic can be rotated in 45º increments, creating movement and interest.

UC San Diego graphics usage

No Combining

The library line art and solid graphic elements should not be used together.

See examples of use in the "Brand Applications" section of this guide.

UC San Diego graphics usage