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Color Palette

No two colors represent our campus better than our alma mater blue and gold. Inspired by our two primaries, we created an expanded palette suitable for print applications.

Color recommendations for web can be found here.

Core colors


Pantone 2767
C:100 M:86 Y:42 K:42
R:24 G:43 B:73



Pantone 3015
C:100 M:35 Y:3 K:21
R:0 G:106 B:150



Pantone 1245
C:6 M:35 Y:99 K:18
R:198 G:146 B:20



Pantone 116
C:0 M:14 Y:100 K:0
R:255 G:205 B:0



Pantone 3115
C:70 M:0 Y:16 K:0
R:0 G:198 B:215



Pantone 7490
C:60 M:23 Y:92 K:5
R:110 G:150 B:59



Pantone 3945
C:3 M:0 Y:90 K:0
R:243 G:229 B:0



Pantone 144
C:0 M:51 Y:100 K:0
R:252 G:137 B:0



C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
R:0 G:0 B:0



Pantone Cool Gray 9
C:30 M:22 Y:17 K:57
R:116 G:118 B:120



Pantone 401
C:10 M:11 Y:17 K:27
R:182 G:177 B:169



Pantone 871
Use this for special/formal occasions.

Your choice of colors should always include blue. Yellow should be your first choice for a secondary color, or another blue. Other colors are meant to be accents and should not be the dominant color. Below are some examples.


UC San Diego Color Palette


UC San Diego Color Palette


UC San Diego Color Palette


UC San Diego Color Palette

While combinations of these colors are acceptable in print designs and other collateral, the campus logo must always appear in PMS 2767 and 1245 when reproduced in color (see the "Logo Overview" section).

Color Palette A Closer Look

UC San Diego’s surroundings provide a richness of color and character. Our color palette is inspired by the everyday sites found around campus.