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The outward expression of the UC San Diego brand—including its name, trademarks, logos, communication tools and visual design approach—is brand identity. The campus brand guidelines specify how the identity is used in various applications using approved layouts, color palette and fonts. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular design elements to create recognition and distinction.

The Office of Creative Services and Publications oversees UC San Diego’s brand to ensure that it is applied appropriately and consistently for both internal and external audiences.

If you have additional questions about brand application after reviewing these guidelines, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Use of University Name: “UC San Diego” not “UCSD”

Several years ago, the University of California San Diego transitioned “UC San Diego” in place of the “UCSD” acronym to better identify our campus both locally and nationally. This naming decision was made as a result of a comprehensive market research study. The study found that there was confusion regarding San Diego higher education institutions because of similar acronyms – UCSD, USD and SDSU. It was recommended that the campus use the abbreviated UC San Diego rather than an acronym for better recognition and understanding both in our region, and outside of San Diego.

The internal campus community as well as vendors, media friends and other partners are reminded that using UC San Diego in all communications efforts helps identify our campus clearly and consistently. Additionally, this naming direction is consistent with other campuses in the University of California system, such as UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, etc.

For all communications efforts, it is requested that you follow this protocol whenever possible:

  • First reference, spell out the name. As part of the new campus branding efforts, there will no longer be a comma between “California” and “San Diego”: University of California San Diego.
  • Subsequent references and in headlines, use the abbreviated version of the name: UC San Diego (not UCSD).
  • You can also use other words such as “campus” or “institution” to refer to UC San Diego in various communications efforts.

The Logos

At the core of every brand identity is a brand mark, or logo, which represents the brand in its simplest form. Below are the official logos identified with UC San Diego. For questions regarding the development of any identity graphics, please email Creative Services and Publications at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

UC San Diego logo

UC San Diego Logo

The UC San Diego logo is the primary graphic identifier for the campus and the preferred logo for general use. It is not intended to replace the official or unofficial seals of the University of California or UC San Diego. It replaces the library icon, which has become a legacy mark for the UC San Diego Library.

Clinical and Academic Medicine

Clinical—UC San Diego Health

Graphic: UC San Diego Health logo

The UC San Diego Health identity is used for the entire clinical enterprise, including major facilities (such as Moores Cancer Center, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center and Jacobs Medical Center) and clinic locations throughout San Diego and Southern California. This identity can also be used publicly for entities that serve both the clinical and academic enterprises.

Academic—School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graphic: UC San Diego School of Medicine logo

The UC San Diego School of Medicine and the UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences identities are applied to entities that are solely affiliated with the academic enterprise.

Graphic: UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences logo

The term Health Sciences is internal nomenclature and should not be used as a logo. Entities within Health Sciences should use the appropriate logo described above.

Creative Services and Publications works closely with UC San Diego Health Sciences Marketing and Communications to monitor brand usage. For more information or to request a logo, go to pulse.ucsd.edu/onebrand or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Seal of UC San Diego

UC San Diego Seal

The UC San Diego seal is used on collateral for formal occasions the chancellor attends and initiates. The seal appears on campus diplomas, special event invitations and ceremonial documents deemed appropriate by the Office of the Chancellor. The seal is not available for download.

Triton Athletic logo

Triton Athletic/Spirit Logo

The Triton logo and UC San Diego Athletics logotype are primarily used to represent UC San Diego Athletics. They can also be used in student- and spirit-related applications. The Triton logo is not to be used in place of the official UC San Diego logo. For more information on the Triton logo, email Senior Associate Athletics Director .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

UCSD Alumni logo

UCSD Alumni Logo

The UCSD Alumni logo is intended for use in print and digital media produced by and for UCSD Alumni and Community Engagement. The logo must always appear in close proximity to the UC San Diego logo. For more information on UCSD Alumni branding, contact Marketing Manager, UCSD Alumni, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

UC San Diego Library logo

UC San Diego Library Logo

The image of Geisel Library has been adopted exclusively by the UC San Diego Library. The image is no longer in use or available to the campus community for new print or electronic projects, vehicles or signage/environmental graphics. Units that have letterhead, brochures or websites with the library logo should refresh to the current campus logo when reordering print material or redesigning sites.

Using the UC San Diego Logo

The UC San Diego logo is intended for use in print, product and online media for both internal and external audiences.

Logo components

Logo Components: Print

The UC San Diego logo for print and product application has two components: (1) the logotype, custom designed and based on the Rotis Serif font; and (2) the rule line below the logotype.

The logo must appear on the front and/or back of all printed material intended for internal and external audiences. For printed materials, place the UC San Diego logo in the upper left or lower right corner of the piece.

  • Do not change the typeface.
  • Do not attach other graphic elements to the logotype.
  • Do not stretch or change the proportions of the logotype.
  • Do not rearrange or overlap components of logo.

Contact Creative Services and Publications with any questions about applying the logo on print collateral and products.

Logo components

Logo Components: Online

For electronic applications where space is limited, such as the standard UC San Diego website header, a version of the logo without the rule has been created.

All campus websites must include the approved UC San Diego logo. The minimum logo width for all web and digital applications is 150 pixels.

Logo components

Logo Color: Print and Product Collateral

The official colors of the UC San Diego logo in print are PMS 2767 (blue) for the logotype and PMS 1245 (yellow) for the rule. The logo can also appear as one color in either PMS 2767 or black. When using the logo over an image or dark background, as on the cover of a brochure, the logo should be reversed to white.

  • Use only specified colors.
  • Do not outline logotype.
Logo components

Logo Color: Online

Please see the guide at left for logo colors when used online. The most effective color for the logo is often white.

Logo components

Logo Size: Print

The logotype and rule line must always maintain the same size relation. The minimum size for the logo is 1.25 inches wide. The preferred logo width for use on the front of a printed piece is 1.75 inches to 3 inches. The logo may appear smaller in secondary applications, as on the back of the piece.

Logo components

Clear Space: Print and Online

The logo requires an appropriate amount of space around it. The clear space around the logo should be a minimum of one cap height. No text, graphics or other elements should appear in this space.

Logo components

Combining the Logo with a Unit Name

Use this configuration only when space prohibits using the unit name elsewhere. Under no circumstances should any text other than a unit name be coupled with the logo.

The font face for the unit name is Myriad Pro Regular, which is included with all versions of Adobe Creative Suite software.

When combining a unit name with the campus logo, the campus logo is always the dominant element and appears above the unit name.

For assistance with creating unit name graphics, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Logo with unit name

Return Address Information

In cases where the logo and unit name are used with return address information, the preferred format is as follows:

  • Return address appears below the logo. A clear space of at least one x-height of the logo must be maintained between the logo and text.
  • The address should be set in Myriad Pro or another sans serif font at an appropriate size (usually 12 pt. or smaller).

Logo components Logo components


Logo Placement in Print

The logo should be placed in the top left or bottom right.

Logo Placement Online

The UC San Diego logo should appear prominently at the top of all campus websites. In most cases, the site name is at left and the campus logo is at right.

Logo Placement on Vehicles

The UC San Diego logo for general campus vehicles (e.g., golf carts, cars, trucks) follows the same guidelines as for print and product collateral with the following exception:

  • Use only one color: PMS 2767 (blue) or vinyl equivalent, white on all vehicles other than buses.
Logo components Logo components



There are two versions of letterhead and envelopes available to campus employees. The first is the UC system letterhead, with the ten campus names across the top, the unofficial UC San Diego seal, and the San Diego campus name prominent.

The second option is the UC San Diego logo letterhead.

Both can be ordered via Imprints Print Connection: http://printconnection.ucsd.edu.

Business Cards

Employees of the campus may select from four business card options: three with the UC San Diego logo in blue type and gold foil (or blue ink) and one with the UC San Diego seal in blue and gold foil stamp. To view and order the cards, visit Imprints Print Connection http://printconnection.ucsd.edu.

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