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Creating the STEM pipeline of future innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs

Forbes ranks San Diego the third best city in the nation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs. To ensure that our region is creating the pipeline for innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in these fields, UC San Diego has joined KFMB CBS News 8 and the San Diego County Office of Education in INNOVATE 8, an initiative to educate and engage students in STEM learning opportunities.  Our partnership includes four paid advertising spots, public service announcements, plus a variety of news stories featuring our campus STEM outreach efforts and programs in K-12 classrooms countywide,  which will run now through the summer.

Barbara Sawrey, UC San Diego associate vice chancellor and dean of undergraduate education, states in an INNOVATE 8 news story, “Up to this point the U.S. has been a global leader in STEM Education, STEM delivery and STEM Jobs. In order to maintain that global leadership, we need to look at what we do in terms of teaching our students the STEM disciplines. And although we can think globally, in fact we have to act locally. So we have to spend time looking in our own back yard, at how we educate and teach students.”

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Through our involvement with INNOVATE 8, we can share with CBS News 8 viewers the various ways in which UC San Diego faculty, staff and students are working to network, leverage and multiply existing resources to improve STEM education throughout our region.

In the Spotlight, on the World Stage

We began by highlighting the leading minds and uncommon scholars who flourish at UC San Diego. Now we’re telling world travelers and national readers about the research collaborations that solve the most perplexing puzzles in science and medicine. We demonstrate that our creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are re-defining the future of the public research university. Spirit, the inflight magazine for Southwest Airlines and Airtran, touts our No. 5 ranking in R&D expenditures, our medical advances, and our leadership in climate research. In Science, we point to our ground-breaking research in architecture and urban design. And in US Airways and Spirit, a four-page feature takes an all-encompassing view of what draws students, faculty and staff to UC San Diego. The eye-catching messages continue to put UC San Diego in the spotlight, on the world stage.

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Week One: We’re With You As You Travel

OCEAN VIEW: Travelers arriving at Lindbergh Field catch a glimpse of Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s pier in one of a series of messages in San Diego and Sacramento airports.

As the new year got under way, so too did a new phase of UC San Diego’s marketing and branding campaign. Building on initial print and online ads featuring faculty excellence, UC San Diego messaging now takes flight at two key airports: San Diego’s Lindbergh Field and Sacramento International Airport. Digital displays greet travelers with stunning visuals, including the Scripps Institution of Oceanography pier and the Shanghai skyline, and tout UC San Diego’s stature as an international leader in higher education. In the coming months, UC San Diego will feature the interdisciplinary research that is the hallmark of our entrepreneurial faculty. The in-terminal displays complement print advertising in airline publications (Spirit for Southwest Airlines and US Airways). In-flight messages and upcoming print ads in the New York Times, the LA Times, and the Chronicle of Higher Education emphasize the exceptional quality of UC San Diego teaching, research, service and patient care.

Short video advertisements installed in the San Diego and Sacramento airports. These ads will run through June.