University Communications and Public Affairs


Ad Touts Campus Leadership in Study of Brain

A UC San Diego ad from the New York Times

At UC San Diego, academic and research endeavors continue through the summer, as does our marketing campaign. On Sunday, June 29, in the New York Times, we showcased our latest achievement: the leadership of UC San Diego in the successful funding of the CalBRAIN initiative to better understand the human brain.

This full-page color ad draws national attention to the extraordinary leadership our campus displays in the study of the human brain and mind. It highlights our role in both the federal BRAIN Initiative launched by President Barack Obama in 2013 and the Cal-BRAIN funding recently signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown.

Want To Tell Your Story?  UCPA Can Help.

Founders Symposium, a collaborative effort of UCPA and Academic Affairs

Over the last four weeks, University Communications and Public Affairs (UCPA) has featured advertisements in This Week @ UC San Diego from our most recent marketing campaign – advertisements that are being seen around the world. We are telling UC San Diego’s story by highlighting the amazing work and accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students. We can help you showcase your achievements too.

A division within the Chancellor’s office, UCPA offers a wide-array of services – from strategic communications, multimedia design, photo and video to government relations, event management and protocol. We also provide myriad resources, including the campus profile, social media and filming guidelines, and campus tours for community members. UCPA also manages UC San Diego’s brand identity – including the university’s name, trademarks, logos and visual design approach – that you can find on our brand guidelines page.

We are a one-stop shop. We can help you hone your message to your audience, and identify the services that will enable you to meet your goals. You can see our work and keep up-to-date with communication efforts around campus on our website at ucpa.ucsd.edu. Contact us today for a complimentary strategy session.

UC San Diego In-Flight Video Takes Off

On the ground and in the skies, airline passengers around the globe are learning more about UC San Diego’s transformational research and how we’re changing the world.  The next time you fly on U.S. Airways, American Airlines or Virgin America, tune into the monitor in front of you to see an in-flight video about UC San Diego.  The three-minute feature, produced by UC San Diego University Communications and Public Affairs, highlights the visionary research of four leading scholars who are turning their ideas and imagination into innovation.  They are using new technology to push the boundaries of arts and science to create a healthier planet and future for humankind.  The in-flight video is part of UC San Diego’s recent marketing campaign, and complements print and online advertising in publications ranging from the New York Times, LA Times, Science, Nature, Chronicle of Higher Education to an array of airline magazines. We’re also on digital displays in the San Diego and Sacramento airport terminals.  Sharing UC San Diego’s story to a broad audience is a campus priority identified through our strategic planning process.